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Now, I read your plans. However, help me. I still do not understand what you mean by marketing. Can you be more clear?

Are you a local company? Do you only ship regionally? How much do I have to pay for shipping and handling?

Uh, I do not have to pay these other companies up front. You know, although you sound good, I have already spent a lot of money getting my book printed. I don’t know if I can afford more.

Well, actually, you do pay up front; only it comes via the “back door.” The hefty royalty that these companies take out before you ever receive a check is how you pay up front. Not to mention the fact, that if people do not know your book is in existence, you cannot afford not to have some serious marketing.

Do you have any proof of guarantee of sales?

Yes, these companies do take a hefty royalty from every sale. Still, people know about B & T, Ingram, and

Now, some of these companies take 30 to 90 days to give me my money. What about MANA?

Well, I prefer to work with a company like BookMasters or Trafford or Banta that will also warehouse my book. In other words, I get everything at one place. Can MANA warehouse, too?

How big is your company?

Well, what you offer sounds good for authors, but what about small companies and, especially, non-profits?

What is your online privacy policy?