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Own Your Bookstore

No, it does not have to be a “brick and mortar” store. Yet, you can choose to develop business relationships with small, unique stores if you wish.


You can request that books be displayed in spas.  Still, this is not necessary to own your own…


MARKETINGNEWAUTHORS.COM is a different company that offers competent, committed, entrepreneurial-spirited sales/business persons the opportunity to own a business, a part of MANA. And just as different the offer, so is the environment; it is the world!

You can become a franchisee of “MANA ONLINE BOOKSTORE AND MORE…”.

You would earn money for:

  • Every publishing plan sold
  • Every marketing plan sold
  • Every editing service sold
  • Every printing service sold
  • Every author consultation sold
  • Every book sold

Basic requirements to apply:

  • At least a two-year degree or a minimum of 5 years of business or sales experience
  • Solid writing and verbal communication skills
  • Three letters of recommendation by non-family members
  • Self-motivated, innovator thinker who wants to make a mark in the publishing, marketing, book industry

Financial responsibility of the Franchisee:

  • $250 submission fee (this includes background check)
  • At the signing of the contract, $995.00 every 2 years.

Financial responsibility of MANA to Franchisee:

30% royalty for any sale of books, self-publishing plans, marketing plans, and any other services offered on the MANA site.

Interested? Contact MANA!

Franchise fees—again, MANA is different.
Most companies’ fees are quite costly. This is not the case for MANA ONLINE BOOKSTORE AND MORE… franchisees.

And for the franchisee who makes the most sales in a year, s/he will earn 6 nights/7 days free in a one-bedroom villa in St. Maarten…!

Fairy C. Hayes-Scott, Ph.D.