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Refer a Friend or Family Member; Receive $250!

During these challenging economic times, (MANA), the Personal company, is doing its part to help. To preview its year-long 21st anniversary (beginning in 2023) id making this Special offer from Sept. 1 to Dec. 31, 2023

You recommend a customer to MANA to submit his/her work to be considered for MANA’s self-publishing or marketing services. If the MANA Review Board accepts the work and recommends that customer’s work for MANA publishing or marketing services AND that customer signs a contract with MANA, you receive a check for $250! It is just that simple—you make a recommendation; you receive money from MANA!

This is MANA’s way of expressing its gratitude to you and its small way of helping during these financially-nerve testing times.

Any limitations? There are no limitations on the number of individuals recommended.

Possibilities for fund-raising? If there are individuals or just one who is a talented writer who wants to have work self-published, here is the opportunity to help that dreams fulfilled as well as have the money donated to the organization of choice, if you wish.

Of course, if you just need to get some money to pay a bill or for the upcoming holidays, this is a smart way to get that extra cash. You will be recommending a company that has proven itself through the almost ten years of service.

So, celebrate with MANA! Make a recommendation to MANA and receive money for yourself or your charitable organization!

For any more details, contact a MANA Representative at 734-975-0028 or email:

Oh, be sure to have the person you have recommended mention your name and e-mail address., the Personal company Harvesting the Best Ideas and Services!

Fairy C. Hayes-Scott, Ph.D.