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The unique and very special gift–A Memory Book published by

Does your loved one have a collection of poems, short stories, old tales, or just stories of events that are dear to the family? We are not talking about something that can be put together by a 24-hour print shop. Why not give a professionally published book containing these works? Instead of waiting until family members or dear friends have passed and say, “Gee, I wish we had pulled these things together and shared them while they were alive,” why not prepare now to give this unique gift?

MANA can prepare a lovely present with an announcement of the upcoming gift for a time you and a MANA representative designate as most timely and appropriate. Thus, the recipient would really receive two presents–the announcement and the actual present. What a great way to start the new year! The announcement present? MANA would present a ceramic cup with parchment paper–announcing the plan to publish The Memory Book–a bag of tea and a candy cane. Elegantly simple and sweet!

This is the kind of present that can preserve the legacy of a grandparent, parent, husband, wife, or very special friend.

MANA will do the following:

  • edit and proof the work
  • do the document layout
  • design a four-color cover
  • prepare a perfect bound, if there are enough pages
  • 6×9, 5.5×8.5 or 8.5×11.5–customer’s preference
  • ISBN number
  • copyright, registry with the Registry of Deeds
  • 50-100 pages
  • once published, place on a web page entitled “MEMORY BOOKS PUBLISHED BY MANA–A SPECIAL LEGACY,” with other Memory Books

Why not place your order today?
Then, we can plan now for the most special present you probably will ever give that very special person in your and your family’s lives.

What will this cost?
For the above services, the cost is between $1,999 and $2,499. So, contact us at: or 734-975-0028

Want to see what we have done?
Purchase a sample of what we can do; then, have your purchase price subtracted from the price of the Memory gift project. And if you do not choose to go with MANA, still, you will have a wonderful keepsake. So, if you want to see what we can do, we invite you to visit the web pages of:

A Collage of Family History: Sharing the Memories

This work is written by an octogenarian. She chronicles the life of her grandparents, her parents, and her own life. She has much to say and wanted to make sure that it would be available for many to enjoy. MANA provided the full publishing services for the work. And MANA proudly has affixed its logo as publisher.

Alone on Stage: An American Actress in 1930s France and America

This work is written by the granddaughter of an accomplished stage actress. The granddaughter presents photographs that enhance the textual discussion of her grand’s remarkable career. The granddaughter set up the work and MANA provided all of the other publishing services. Already she had a publishing company. So, she supplied the ISBN number and had the work copyrighted under her company’s name.

Mother Nature’s Spiritual Gift to You: A Photographic Journal

This work has a collection of color photos taken by the author. With this work are reflections by the author that enhance the appreciation of the most beautiful glimpses of nature. This work was published by our parent company, Robbie Dean Press.

May the “Memory Book” be all text, text and gray-scale photos, or text and color photos, it will be very evident that MANA is capable of capturing the moments in a loved one’s life and having it last forever in all those who experience the work.

“I wish I had kept a journal of all of the stories that Dad had shared with his granddaughter and me.” This is what many an adult child has said after the parent has passed.

MANA has a special package for loved ones and seniors to record those memories now in a professionally-looking and cost-effective publication.

MANA invites you to record the memories. Do not wait until you have to say: “I wish I would have…”.

Fairy C. Hayes-Scott, Ph.D.