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We offer a wide array of services aimed at simplifying your life


Chapbooks are very beneficial for authors with good material but not more than 35 pages.

Faculty Training Publishing

And so, for those college faculty members that want to have their works considered for publication by a traditional publishing company, MANA can refer the manuscript to Robbie Dean Press. Robbie Dean Press will give a thorough review of the work.

Self Publishing

MANA Provides many fine publishing services ranging from book cover design, to marketing, and even private tutoring!

Senior Publishing Book

MANA can prepare a lovely present with an announcement of the upcoming gift for a time you and a MANA representative designate as most timely and appropriate.

Yes, every reputable self-publishing company from A to Z will provide quality printing and layout. And most self-publishing companies are similar in costs, but there are other key features that other self-publishers do not have that MANA does.

And this is why you should choose MANA as your self-publishing company The following extras make MANA different than any other self-publishing company:

  • Authors receive 70% royalty for every book purchased;
  • MANA donates 10% of the self-publishing plan’s cost to the author’s charity of choice;
  • For two years, MANA includes digital marketing in its plans’ costs unless the author does not want this special feature;
  • For two years, MANA provides a podcast to advertise the author’s book;
  • MANA provides opportunities for aspiring writers to become published on its writers’ newsletter, THE MANA SUNSET;
  • MANA designates a charity for every year and donates money for every blog post on the “Continuous Blog Short Story” (See THE MANA BLOG—;
  • MANA gives organizations an opportunity to develop a fundraiser; one example is the work SUPERSTORM SANDY: IN THE EYES OF THE CHILDREN
  • MANA uses no template settings; all layouts are customized to the author’s request
  • MANA designs color covers at no additional cost
  • MANA offers special discounts throughout the year!

Fairy C. Hayes-Scott, Ph.D.