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Come to MANA to earn money for your Fundraiser

Are you tired of having fundraisers that only offer candy and add to your dentist bill? Are you tired of having fundraisers that offer a lot of wrapping paper in which the customer can just order so much of and no more? How about a fundraiser that encourages creativity and literacy that will have the support of the expertise of (MANA), the unique company celebrating its 10th year in business?

Do you or your organization have little money?

“CREATE A BOOK”© Fundraiser NO COST TO YOU or YOUR ORGANIZATION! You can have a small book composed by yourself or your organization; MANA will publish it and take care of all of the aspects of the work being published. Your organization/group will maintain the

copyright and can earn up to 100% of the sales of the book. Also, MANA can even make it possible for you or your organization not to have to put out any seed money toward the project. Contact MANA for details!


Receive Money

MANA has a wide range of services and publications. For every customer who mentions your name or your organization’s name, the fundraising organization receives 20% of the money paid to MANA. Let MANA help you/your organization with little stress! Contact MANA for details!





30% to 40% of all sales go towards the fundraising goal; so all books on the MANA web site are open for sales. MANA would take care of all shipping and handling issues at no charge to the fundraiser. In addition, for every ten books sold, fundraising organization/group can designate a library or shelter or school where MANA will donate a book.

“CREATE A BOOK”© Fundraiser

Have a small book composed by the fundraising organization/group; MANA will publish it, taking care of all of the aspects of the work being published; the organization/ group would maintain the copyright and 70% of the sales of the book would go to the organization/group. The fundraiser would pay a base price for MANA publishing services.

Spread the word about MANA

Have your organization inform people of the wide range of services offered by MANA:

a. publishing plans

b. marketing plans

c. online English classes for aspiring authors and the general public

d. online/teleconference writing seminars

e. our special publication to capture a senior citizen’s memories — “Memory Book” (click onto the link from the left side of the homepage)

For every customer who purchases one of these services, your organization garners 20%. For example, if a person chooses a publishing plan that costs $5,000, your fundraiser would garner $1,000. A writing seminar costs $50.00 for 1-1/2 hour of consultation by a MANA Associate. Your organization would earn $10 per seminar.

Length of the fundraiser: by mutual agreement between MANA and your organization

CONTACT MANA for more information to get started!

Fairy C. Hayes-Scott, Ph.D.