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Author: Martha Freudigman
ISBN: 978-0-999584-28-6
No. of Pages: 85
Index: Yes
Table of Contents: Yes
Binding: Soft Cover, Perfect Bound
Last Update: 2018
Volume Discounts: Yes, call to inquire
Shipping Time: 2-5 Days
Price: $12.95


About The Book

This is a no-nonsense book that gives suggestions addressing the major and minor irritants of American society. While dining in a restaurant, are you tired of unruly children, old enough to know better, disturb your meal? Are you even more impatient with the parents who seem to be totally clueless about what to do? Are you appalled at the vast amount of money spent during political races? Are you disgusted by the executives that commit white collar crimes and receive golden parachute payments? You may not agree with all of her suggestions for remedying these issues. Still, you will have to respect this octogenarian’s suggested remedies. And most definitely this author is quite serious and ways that people can “Let’s Fix It” now!


About the Author

Martha Freudigman is a mother, grandmother, sister, and friend to many. Her interest in actually writing and having a work published blossomed at the young age of eighty. And at eighty-one her first novel Through the Storms made its debut. With such appreciation of her work, she wrote the sequel Through the Storms. Again—The Sequel: A Mini-Murder Mystery. Now, at eighty-five this author presents her third work, Let’s Fix It: A Few Comments About Life From A Grandmother, a different kind of work than the other two. It is a tongue-in-cheek advice piece that will make one smile as well as be controversial at times. Mrs. Freudigman is a forthright writer with much to say and, even if one may not agree, a reader must respect her honest approach. She is a true spitfire that does not mince words.


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