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Alone on Stage: An American Actress in 1930s France and America

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Alone on Stage: An American Actress in 1930s France and America

by Susan Hussey Bush


Book Information

Author: Susan Hussey Bush
Publisher: Patten Point Publishing Co.
ISBN: 0-9710748-3-6
No. of Pages: 150
Index: Yes
Table of Contents: Yes
Binding: Perfect bound
Last Update: New
Volume Discounts: Yes, call to inquire
Shipping Time: 2-5 Days

Price: $23.95


About The Book

Who was Suzanne C. Steele? She was a famous American actress who mesmerized Parisians and Broadway goers with her one-woman performance of Molière’s School of Wives. To become a star one must take risks. Suzanne Steele took those risks and left a legacy for any aspiring female thespian. This work contains photos of Ms. Steele through her development as a person as well as an actress. And the true bonus is a CD accompanies the work that contains the English translation of the full play.

This work is a must for libraries that have theater programs. This work is a must for Women’s programs. This book is a must for historians intrigued with this period and the people who made it memorable. Suzanne C. Steele was one of those people.



The result of her work…is astonishing. Without the help of any disguise or any make-up, she is becoming in front of our eyes, the jealous Arnolphe, the lively Horace, the innocent Agnès, the uncouths Alain and Georgette. When we cherish Molière, we cannot but be moved to see these personalities come to life again (and through a foreign language) by the grace of a single artist.

–B. Dussane, Sociètaire de la Comèdie-Française
Comœdia, Paris, France, Aug. 6, 1932 (Translation)

To appreciate her audacious endeavor, she played alone all the roles of Schools for Wives before a Parisian audience.

–Robert Lorette, Paris-Soir, Paris, France, Aug. 8, 1932 (Translation)


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