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Lamar Montgomery and the Freaky Faces Club

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Lamar Montgomery and the Freaky Faces Club

by Barbara Gene


Book Information

Author: Barbara Gene
Illustrated By: B. J. Spoon
Illustrator: John Meszaros
ISBN: 1-8897350-X
No. of Pages: 28
Index: No
Table of Contents: No
Binding: Soft cover, Perfect bound
Last Update: New Publication
Volume Discounts: Yes, call to inquire
Shipping Time: 2-5 Days

Price: $10.95


About The Book

Lamar Montgomery felt very sure of himself as he stood in front of the huge mirror inside Ms. Minerva’s Elementary School gymnasium. Standing with his hands on his hips he smiled at his own reflection. “Well,” he said to himself, like Mama says, “Lamar Montgomery, you are not only smart, but, good looking too. Mama’s pride and joy.” Lamar was six years old but he already stood a full 5 feet, 1 inches tall and he was the proud inventor and President of The Freaky Faces Club.

Lamar giggled as he practiced his moves in the mirror for today’s meeting. He wiggled his nose, flapped his ears and puffed out his cheeks. Slowly releasing the air from his cheeks in small bursts, it sounded just like kernels of corn popping. He was loosening his lip muscles by furiously pouting them in and out when he noticed the reflections of the other club members filing into the gym behind him. Quickly, he stopped his exercises and, playing it cool, turned toward the other kids. “Hey guys, how’s it going? Okey dokey, let‘s get this show on the road. The Wednesday afternoon meeting of The Freaky Faces Club is now called to order…When I call your name please step up to the mirror and make the freakiest face that you can…”

Then, Jonathan O’Toole, José Arroyo, and Julie Chen stepped up and made their freakiest faces.

However, there is so much more to this book and to this club. This is a club every child will want to be a member of; everyone fits. And the book even provides the mirror!

This book is now available. Buyers, get your favorite child ready to join the club!




“Barbara Gene playfully invites young children to laugh at themselves on the outside and smile at themselves on the inside … as told through Lamar and the Freaky Faces Club. A good lesson for all!”
–Emilio Delgado, “Luis” of Sesame Street

“This book explores the theme of tolerance in a simple and easy to understand way. It would make a lovely addition to any child’s library.”
–Sonia Manzano (Maria), Sesame Workshop


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