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Author: Gregory Shafer, D.A..
Publisher: Robbie Dean Press
ISBN: 978-1-7357470-1-9
No. of Pages: 180
Index: No
Table of Contents: Yes
Binding: Soft cover, perfect bound
Last Update: 2017
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Price: $26.95

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LINGUISTICS for College Freshman-E-Book

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About the Book:

For too long the study of language has been approached as the same dread that one confronts having a root canal. This attitude prevents students from delving into the facts about linguistics and the trust about speech acquisition and dialect development. This book serves as an introductory survey. It touches upon issues and offers a background for further study. This work endeavors to reveal the relevance of language, so others may explore this profession with more zest and commitment. This is one of the first texts for underclassmen/women that provides an intelligent, thorough, challenging, and lucid study of language.

This updated 2017thedition meets the requirements of the 8thedition of the MLA. This work continues to hone in on the complexities of language use. Dr. Shafer’s insight, sharpness and wit make this an excellent work for undergraduates who are not majoring in linguistics but want a clear understanding of the intricacies of the science of language. This text demonstrates how language and its users can include, exclude, manipulate, and comfort.

This 2021 edition goes into more depth about African-American Vernacular. Also, it discusses the power language has to use fallacies that can denigrate people. These additions are well-worth students reading and instructors using as solid examples of the power of language and the importance of that people understand the nuances of that power.

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