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Oslo in April

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Oslo in April

by Dr. John Slade


Book Information

Author: Dr. John Slade
Publisher: Woodgate International
ISBN: 1-893617-11-4
No. of Pages: 197
Index: No
Table of Contents: No
Binding: Perfect
Last Update: 2004
Volume Discounts: Yes, call to inquire
Shipping Time: 2-5 Days

Price: $12.95


About The Book

This is a different love story. It is a work that shows the intensity of love of music. It is a work that shows the intensity of love of one’s instrument and the beauty it can produce. It is a work that shows how love can nearly devastate. And it is a work that shows how love can uplift and bond a couple forever. This is a unique kind of love story that can appreciated and relished by anyone who reads this work.



Wow, what a wonderfully touching positive story! Eight membrs of a fictional Oslo symphony orchestra live their lives throughout the day just prior to an important concert. One member, their conductor, has emotionally fallen apart because his wife has just left him for another man. His breakdown has affected the whole orchestra, but especially an important young Estonian guest piano soloist, who feels ignored and insulted.

The author handles the interplay of their lives in a masterful manner. Each character becomes very real to the reader, contributing in small and not so small ways to the salvage of the conductor and the orchestra. The story is emotionally touching and leaves one with a sweet ah ha feeling at its end. The author was so bummed out by the start of the Iraqi war last year that he set out to write the most positive, uplifting story he could instead of whining about it. He succeeded beyond expectation. This is one of the more uplifting stories of the decade. We rated it five hearts.

Rating: 5 hearts

– Bob Spear, Publisher and Chief Review, Heartland Reviews


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