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Sweet Ache: Poetry of the Soul

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Sweet Ache: Poetry of the Soul

by Elesia K. Powell


Book Information:

Author: Elesia K. Powell
ISBN: 978-0-9916017-3-8
No. of Pages: 69
Index: Yes
Table of Contents: Yes
Binding: Perfect
Last Update: 2014
Volume Discounts: Yes, call to inquire
Shipping Time: 2-5 Days

Price: $10.95


About The Book

This work is by the 2014 MANA Passion for Poetry Poet Winner. It is a collection of poems that reflects a combination of Jamaican and American heritage. There is an undercurrent rhythm and beat in her work that engages a reader. Even though the subject matter of the poems vary, consistently the spirit of the works emanates throughout every work. From the subject of love of mother for child to love of woman for man, the poems truly reflect a raw honesty of the heart.

Has Been

They called him a has-been.
Has been loved,
Has been successful,
Has been admired,
Sought after and desired.
They called him a has-been.
But has-been was never one
To let others have the last say,
So he replied,
And you—have never been.
Mother of the Heart

This love not born but fostered
Quarreled from new ground
Not of the flesh
But true to the heart
A mother given by grace
Wisdom delicately imparted
And I am enriched
Although not in the natural
A mother and daughter still
The time we have shared
Has left an indelible mark
Thinking of you
This is written with love
To my mother of the heart.


About The Author

Besides being the 2014 winner of MANA’s poetry contest, Elesia K. Powell is also the winner of the prestigious Hopwood Award from the University of Michigan. Elesia currently has a self-published CD of poetry and prose. Her Jamaican heritage and travels throughout the United States, Europe, and the West Indies are reflected in her writings.


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