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Writing Coach

Welcome to the Writer’s Coach Services of (MANA)!

By August 11, 2015No Comments

As your coach, I, Dr. C., am very much looking forward to providing you with the practical support and encouragement for you to develop your writing skills. Now, you can let me know what exactly you want me to do:

1) help you become motivated to complete a manuscript;
2) give constructive suggestions for you to improve a written piece;
3) help you become published

The above are just a few of the many services that I am here to provide. I have a personal goal. I would like to make certain that, within a year’s time, you have a published piece that can be placed for sale on the Internet as an e-book. Of course, if this is not something you would wish to have, I shall respect your wishes. I am your coach, not an aggressive individual that will not respect your wishes and what you need. So, I welcome a clear dialogue of your sharing what YOU want from me as your Writing Coach.

Again, Welcome!

Sunrises and Sunsets,

Dr. C.