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2 of Me: Preparation for Separation, The

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2 of Me: Preparation for Separation, The

by Sarah McChristian

Book Information:

Author: Sarah McChristian


ISBN: 978-0-9892303-6-0

No. of Pages: 114

Index: No

Table of Contents: Yes

Binding: Soft Cover, Perfect Bound

Last Update: 2014

Volume Discounts: Yes, call to inquire

Shipping Time: 2-5 Days



About The Book

This work shares the spiritual journey of the author, from singer for the general public to songstress for the Lord. She takes you with her through her spiritual path. It becomes very evident that this is not just her path; it is one that many of us must make in order to find spiritual and emotional peace. The 2 of Me is a roadmap for any reader who is now going down a path that s/he wants to change. This work does not “beat one over the head”; it gently and purposely carries the reader through the thickets of life so that s/he will not become entangled but free to continue to experience the beauty of life.


About The Author

I have always loved performing, but I must have been a disappointment to my Mother because, as a young adult, I finally realized that I should give up music in show business to become the mother that I should be for my Daughter. College, Music Theory provided an understanding of how to hear the music that I read and be able to write whatever music I heard. However, a few years later, I recall crying when I was convinced by my college counselor to give up my music major because educational funds were being withheld from all of the Arts. Social Work and managerial employment gave me the finances that I needed to support my family throughout my lifetime. Still, my music has always been my “ace in the hole.” Today (this old woman) enjoys accompanying and conducting a senior vocal group.