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Killer Toe

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by Anthony Witcher

Book Information:

Author: Anthony Witcher


ISBN: 978-0-991-6017-2-1

No. of Pages: 144

Index: No

Table of Contents: Yes

Binding: Soft Cover, Perfect Bound

Last Update: 2014

Volume Discounts: Yes, call to inquire

Shipping Time: 2-5 Days

Price: $14.95




Killer Toe is a very different narrative about right and wrong regarding love and redemption. The female protagonist works in a morgue. She is experiencing personal pain, not because of her deceased clients. She has compassion for them, but she recognizes the reality of their situation. It is her personal life that gives her pain. She and her boyfriend have broken up. She experiences tremendous heartbreak. Yet, in a very unique way, the Toe of one of her morgue patients plays a key role in teaching significant lessons as to how one should treat others in any relationship. One cannot find peace if one does not treat people in the right way. Indeed, the “Killer Toe” makes this very true!



Anthony Witcher was born in Charleston, West Virginia and grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology. He spends time writing stories and developing mobile robots. Killer Toe is his first novel.