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Jane Kern, Ph.D.

By January 11, 2022October 26th, 2023No Comments

Jane Kern, Ph.D.

“I will always be grateful to have been a client of MANA. When I first viewed the information on the SPAN newsletter, it seemed worth at least a phone call for more information. The more questions I asked, the better it sounded, and luckily for me, I decided to sign up with MANA.

“…Services far exceeded my expectations. The support offered is multi-layered, all at a very affordable price….Responses to any and all of my notes were nearly instantaneous, …replies always warm and encouraging. No one has worked harder to present my book to the public. This has been especially valuable to me since I was caring for my husband during his long illness and subsequent death. There was no time left for me to do any marketing on my own.

“When viewing MANA’s web site, one can get a glimpse of how much dedication and work go into marketing our books. It is gratifying to see the growth that is occurring each time the next newsletter appears.

“I will be forever grateful for the fine work, energy, and genuine care that goes into helping individuals and their books. MANA…has my highest recommendation and grateful thanks”

Jane Kern, Ph.D.
South Carolina

*Dr. Kern gave MANA the mandate to distribute her books at no charge to various schools and charities. And so, this is the reason why this book is not offered on the MANA site at this time. MANA fulfilled Dr. Kern’s request.