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Marie Cote’ Sherhart

By January 11, 2022No Comments

Marie Cote’ Sherhart

Being an author for the first time, and not knowing how or where to begin had left me in a state of panic. A good friend informed me about a lovely woman who they knew was indeed, a publisher. I took the chance and called Dr. Fairy C Hayes Scott and was greeted by a sweet, cheerful hello and welcome which put me at my ease. She took a shivering, unsure “wannabe” and gave me the confidence to see it through after presenting all the packages that were available.

Months later, after many questions and assurances that it would go as planned, phone calls and emails which spurned me on, my book THE GLEN was ready. Fairy Hayes Scott remained the same patient and encouraging person, from beginning to end. Today I have a product to be proud of thanks to her kind suggestions and mentoring. The feed back and complimentary comments have made me aware of what I have accomplished with the assistance of Dr. Fairy C Hayes Scott. I have already written another book, which I hope will experience the same journey that this one has.

Marie Cote’ Sherhart
Retired Educator
The Glen
Saline, MI